Israel: Tax Equality Bill Rejected

Ministerial Committee for Legislation decided this week to oppose the bill that allows same-sex couples receive credit points for having children, similar to heterosexual couples. This is a cumulative amount of thousands of shekels in savings for the parents until the child turns 18, amount that’s avoided from homosexual couples.

MKAdiKol180x200Right wing ministers from Israel Beiteinu and Habait Ha’Yehudi , Uri Ariel and Uri Orbach , opposed the proposal . Minister of Finance Yair Lapid, and Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni, who support the bill, announced that they will contest the decision. The bill submitted by MK Adi Kol (from Yesh Atid party).

Minister Ariel argued that the purpose of Kol  is to defy and challenge the entire understanding of the state on these issues . Orbach added that this is an attempt to get same – sex  marriage recognized through the back-door .

Today, the law of Income tax regarding credit points for having children determines different eligibility for men and for women, so a couple of  men are discriminated and do not get the higher credit points like a mother of a child is entitled . The bill was submitted following a public appeal of gay couples whose their applications for credits were rejected by the tax authority , claiming that, according to the law, only a woman is entitled to be given credit.

Israel National LGBT Task Force Spokesman Gill Kol said , ” The Ministerial Committee for Legislation erred by not supporting the necessary bill designed to compare the credits given to parents LGBT those given to heterosexual parents . We thank ministers Tzipi Livni and Yael German for the intention to appeal against the unfortunate decision, that perpetuates the discrimination between a parent and  parent and between one child to another. We hope and expect that contrary to the current voting , the next ballot will not be absent MKs who are considered  to be friends of the community, and will not leave the stage for the dark concepts of ministers from Israel Beyteno and Habait Ha’yehudi. “