New Surrogacy Bill: The Reactions

On Sunday, Yael German’s new surrogacy bill that allows same-sex parents to have a child through surrogacy passed The Ministerial Committee for Legislation, the first step along the road to becoming a law. Here are some of the reactions in Israel after the news broke.

gaybaby“Remember this day, March 2 2014. The day when the Israeli government recognized our right to become parents and to form a family in Israel,” The Agudah, Israeli LGBT Task Force, wrote on its Facebook page. “This might be just the first of many steps, but this is a huge step that includes within itself many years of work and a synergy between the layers of our community.The organizations that represent the community in the various committees, the couples who appealed to the Supreme Court, the women who balanced the bill and added important comments that are valuable to protect the surrogate in the process, the Pride Committees within the parties, assistants of MKs who talked, acted and convinced, and the community that raised its voice.This victory belongs to all of us. We’re proud to have the right and the honor to represent you and be a part of this struggle.”

Minister of Justice, Tzippy Livni, who voted for the bill, wrote on her Facebook page: “Not everyone who wants to become a parent can physically realize this natural need. In our days, physical limitations don’t have to be a barrier for the yearning for parenting, thanks to surrogacy.”

“This bill is not simple,” continues Livni. “The good thing about it is that it broadens the circle of those who are entitled to surrogacy and can also give joy to those who can’t get pregnant. But on the other hand, I made sure that women’s rights and the surrogate’s rights are being kept, that it wouldn’t turn into the use of women who are having financial difficulties.”